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Cellulose wick / Density N.2

Référence : VPT-ACC-004

Packaging : hermetically-sealed bag with zip

Bag size : 80 mm x 130 mm
Average weight : between 4 and 5 grams
Average content : 100 to 150 wicks
Appearance : pads of dense fibers
Handling :  the fibers should be cut with scissors, in order to form ‘sticks’ of wick material

Directions for use : density no. 2 is perfectly adapted to all types of atomizers and depends on your handling preference. It works well on genesis style atomizers

Storage recommendation : The sachets should be kept in a dry place at room temperature.

Our wick in cellulose is available as a veil in multiple densities, allowing for use within different vaporizer systems and adaptable to personal preference. The raw material is a Lyocell from wood pulp, made from an organic solvent, Synthesized under clean conditions free from contaminants, it offers outstanding performance when used in vaporizers. The wick is then sterilized following a pioneering technique that does not alter the product. Finally, it is packed in a hermetically-sealed bag to ensure it remains clean.